what are you on about?

In short, Business Development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships. Strive has access to the very best resources and services to boost your existing assets in each of these areas and discover new avenues to maximise profits. That is, we provide the ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards making your business better.

With the evolution of technology moving more rapidly than ever, we now live in a business world of “Adapt or lose” which is applicable to marketing, design and strategy. Strive can make sure that your business is up to date and reaching its fullest potential so that you don’t get left behind.

It begins with an analysis of every aspect of your business in order to determine your strengths and weaknesses; where we can build and what elements might not be necessary. Using our extensive knowledge and experience we can recommend the best course of action to rectify problems and utilise resources to help overtake your competitors.

From a bit of a business spring clean to a complete overhaul, we have your goals firmly in our sights; working to help you achieve them as efficiently as possible.

Feeling like you’re getting lost amongst your competitors?

Strive specialises in maximising the potential of each element of your business. Not only do we investigate areas your business can improve internally, we look at all your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and help to give you a point of difference so you stand out in a growing crowd.

There’s no harm in us just talking about it, is there?

Many consultancies make you fork out your hard earned dollars just to sit down. If we made our clients pay to just walk through the door, how would that maximise your profits? If you’d like to just have a chat about what we can do for you, you can keep your money. That’s our aim, after all!

Are things getting a bit tired? Maybe an overhaul is in order!

Did you know that we can actually help you tackle more than just analysis? From a complete strategic plan right through to a brand refresh and even professional photography and web development, you can easily recognise the rewards of bundling our services into this neat package.